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    I searched the forum for myfxbook import problems and found some, but still they don´t really help me to solve the ones I have. I have a CSV, which doesn´t import, potentially because of a fasle date format. The file is attached.


    However: would maybe someone offer a myfxbook.csv template, so that I can fix the error by myself? If I had a CSV that works I could tweek my file and get it done as well.


    Your help is very much appreciated!


    Best regards





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    yes, the problem seems to be with the date format. Can you influence the output date format? If so you can try using MM/dd/yyyy format with forward slashes. I have forwarded your report to developers so it can be fixed in new QA

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    I really tried each and every variant. It always reports “date format not recognized”. 


    Can please anybody post a file that succeeds to be imported as an myfxbook csv? Otherwise I need to return Quant Analyzer since it is useless for me if I cannot import myfxbook.


    Any working file will do, I will be able to figure out what to adapt. But nothing worked for me so far.


    Very dispaapointing…

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    tried it aswell to day . You should really try and fix this

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    You could pass the csv file through a PHP script which could alter the date format, possibly using preg_replace

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    Yes i probably have to since it seems to difficult for them to fix. I suppose the Intention is to fix it since it is posted as being able to import it to QA and has been for years.

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