Are ISV segments useful?

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1 year ago #255156

From the SQ X documentation, ISV segments validate the IST performance and restart evolution if fitness is stagnating.

But I recall back in SQ 3, when ISV didn’t exist, we also had the option to restart evolution when fitness stagnated. So apparently IST segments can do the same job?

Is there any other purpose of using ISV segments?




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1 year ago #255157

for me the ISV is nothing more as OOS

there is only one added option – you can restart evolution if ISV stagnates

for OOS you cant do it

but this feature is not gamechanger for me

but i like that we can finally choose more OOS (ISV) right in the building process – gamechanger could be something like “dynamic OOS/ISV) periods where those periods will be changed for every island so we will be generating always on different data

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