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    I’m using AlgoWizard and trying to create a template for Builder where Builder will use a variety of indicator values (such as MA) in the following buy entry condition

    Ask > (RandomCondition + (Convert to real pips(Variable * ATR))

    For example, in plain english, when the Asking price is greater  than MA + .75 X ATR value (as a price).

    It seems AlgoWizard can not store variables to allow me to break down the formula, and it can not use RandomConditions (ie. Blocks generated by Builder) as values in formulas.

    Can anyone suggests how I can construct this condition?

    Thanks Drew

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    yes, it is possible to do. Instead of using “Random condition” you can use “Random value” to create such template. Then you can generate strategies based on that template and you will get strategies like one shown on the screenshot attached

    NOTE: you do not need to use the ConvertToRealPips function for the ATR * X since ATR is already in expressed in the price format. That function is used only to convert “pips” into a price value

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