Converting DukasCopy data to Bar End time

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Phillip Savage

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2 years ago #271195



Im currently using QuantDataManager to export DukasCopy data for use in BuildAlpha. As build alpha is primarily built for futures data, it only will accept bar end times, where the data uses the actual bar END time not bar START time.


Ive seen in tickstory there is a way to convert it, but I cant find it in QDM. Idealy when i export to a CSV id like to be able to use bar start time (mt4 etc) or bar end time.


Is there any way to do this at all?






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2 years ago #271359


QuantDataManager does not allow to convert the data this way. We might add this feature into a future version though. I also recommend to test using futures data (usually not free). You might find Dukascopy data very different from those corresponding futures contracts


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