ES Futures Data in Trial??

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James Hall

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7 months ago #269221

Hello…. am I understanding this correctly…. there is no way to use ES futures data in the trial?  That kind of hobbles my ability to test out the software.  How can I test out creating strategies and then use them in my Tradestation Platform?

I’m also still confused about Tick Data.  The futures data listed says it only goes down to one minute.  How would I be able to create strategies using Tick Data?

Is it possible to import in your own futures data instead of paying Strategy Quant for it?    Thanks, James



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7 months ago #269228

James you simply export data from Tradestation and import it in SQx.




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7 months ago #269255


we offer only 1-minute data for futures and stocks. If you want to test using tick data you will need to import the data from your own source. Also tick data testing precision can only be used for MetaTrader 4/5/Jforex engines. For other engines only ‘selected tf’ precision can be used


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