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1 month ago #274506

Hello there,

I’ve been building algos for 4 years now. The first ones I built using a coder. I would spec out builds and he would deliver the bot for testing.

Then I moved on to using the TradeView Australia builder and would build and test my own algo about 2 years ago.

I reached a point where I did not have robust testing processes and doing a lot of over optimisation.

That’s when I used Data Manager to get 5 years of tick data which I thought was going to set me up.

I can hear you all laughing now. The tick data took one week to download and move onto my computer on all major and minor markets. I was using a script to get it into MT4 and adjust it to my broker systems. And then I curve fitted some algos very nicely for 5 years that of course were a total sh%% show when I ran it live.

I liked the idea of a generator on top of the quant back end Strategy Quant offers because I felt that I woulld become too attached to my ideas and end up chasing the same style of strategy for long periods of time.

Now that I have set up a nice little workflow, the well of candidates is filling nicely.

I think that this tool is excellent but only in the right hands and one thing the clear workflows won’t show you is how to pull it all together and portfolio the hell out of the markets. I have a fairly good sense of how I want to do this so no worries there. It does seem that others on here are struggling with that though.

A few people here have said they have struggled with forex.

From what I can see right now GBPUSD, EURUSD and GBPJPY are showing results that I can work with to create portfolios of each.

The rest of the minors (NZDCAD, CADCHF,EURJPY,EURGBP, USDJPY, GBPCAD, GBPAUD) I have tried hunting around in have come up blank and I literally have no idea how to go about defining linked markets for additional markets testing as the logic for why EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDCHF are safe to test on each other has not been made clear.

I assume the spreads really ruin a lot of these markets. I was thinking that I could set up algos that only trade certain hours to see if I can find anything good there but I do have a question. Can I prevent the algo from trading in wide spreads? Is there a way to only allow trading when spreads are below a certain threshold?

I appreciate any input.

Thank you




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1 month ago #274640

With AlgoWizard You Can Create a Custom Block like “Spread in pips < 0.5”  and give it weighting in the build process or create a template with that code and let the rest of the conditions be generated randomly.

Strategy templates – StrategyQuant



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1 month ago #274690

Thank you! I still need to figure out the AlgoWizard but just went in and checked I could do it. Thank you again!


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