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    Hi Traders,

    I want to slect Building Blocks for a simple breakout strategy explained below, what building blocks would i select ? Entry and Exit types will be determined by SQX.

    Long Orders;When Bar High Shift 1 is greater than Bar High of last (x) amount of bars, place buy order. Each consectutive buy order after this when conditions are met will be reduced buy (x) amount. Long order amount will limited buy (x) amount of trades.

    Short Orders will be symetrical to above.

    Kind Regards,


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    this will open many positions I guess if you just want the last High(1) to be above Highest(X) … it might be better to set High(1) cross above Highest(X) instead.

    So do you mean you would start for example trading 1 lot and then with each new entry you would reduced by some amount? So it goes like 1.0 lot, 0.8 lot, 0.6 lot, 0.4 lot, .. etc..?

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    Yes i wish for multiple trades and the reducing lot example is fine. Is it possible to add variable paremeters to the code i.e. Max number of trades and reducing lot size ?



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