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camara gonzalez

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1 year ago #255052

Is there any way to pass the strategies that are in mq4 to sqx? I would find it very useful, since I could group the analysis of the strategies with those that I already have in sqx with ratios that do not exist in mt4




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1 year ago #255067


basically you can test your EA using our software StrategyQuant X but be aware you cannot directly import your MQL4 code into StrategyQuant. What you can do is to re-build your EA with its rules using our AlgoWizard module. Once you re-build your EA using AlgoWizard module included in StrategyQuant X you will be able to backtest, improve and optimize your EA. If you EA uses additional custom indicators those can be added as well but require some additional coding. For this we have some tutorials and guidance as well

Let us know if any questions regarding this


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