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    I am using FXPro MT4 platform for trading and develop custom indicators. So far, I managed a custom indicator to plot according buy/sell signals into my chart. The signals look reasonable but I want to do some more robust backtesting and optimization of indicator’s paameters.

    So, what I would like to do is to optimize the parameters of my indicator applying SQX, including the simulation of buy/sell trades via backtesting. Once optimization is finished, I want to use the optimized parameters with my indicator in MT4. Later, I’d like to use SQX to create more sophisticated indicators based on the one which I developed so far.

    To be clear, I do not want to use SQX for automated trading but for indicator development. What is it that I need to make sure to run the optimized indicator of SQX in MT4. Which options do exist to make this possible, please?

    What I can think of is to hold two seperate developments of the custom indicator: one in MT4 and one in SQX. All I need to do is to transfer the optimized parameters. The alternative could be to fully develop the indicator in SQ4 and run it in MT4. Please, advise of what is possible and what is not possible with SQX.





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    do I understand correctly that you want to get signals and trade manually? You can build strategies and turn them into indicators by replacing “order entry” with “draw a signal on chart” for example.

    To test an indicator in SQX you need to import the indicator logic using Java code. See the guide attached or our codebase

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