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    Hello all!

    I have a couple of questions that maybe you can solve for me:

    1.-What is the difference between fixed risk percentage of account and fixed risk percentage of balance?

    2.- How can I control de maximum risk assumed in my account when I use several EAs simultaneously?

    Thanks in advance fellas ;)

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    the account equity also includes open P/L so when you have open profit and the strategy refers to ‘account equity’ the strategy will use that money to calculate new position size. The opposite is valid for open loss. If your balance is 20,000 USD and you have open loss -2,000 USD you can calculate either using 18,000 USD (account equity) or using 20,000 USD (account balance)

    To control the risk from portfolio perspective you need to make sure all your EAs will not risk more money than you have. Theoretically if you set 2% risk per strategy you can trade up to 50 strategies at the same time if margin set by your broker allows you

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    Thank you very much Tomas for the explanation ;)

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