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    Hello traders,

    I know this topic is popping from time to time but..

    I was wondering how much will be SQX accepted on Linux distribution? I will appreciate if you can add some details as: Why would you prefer Linux, what would be your use case, preferred distribution, performance, manageability, “are you nuts” ?

    Just trying to collect feedback how worth will be a porting effort.





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    actually we are working on this now. We cannot promise any date when this becomes fully supported but we also consider Mac support

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    Hello Tomas,

    Thank you. I am aware and would like to thank company for time and effort spending on Linux port.

    Primary goal of this thread is to collect feedback about use cases, suggestions and motives moving to Linux itself.

    I will give right away a reason from last night. Windows has auto-updated (despite fixing this few times) and nothing was running in VPS… Thank you M$!


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