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    The EAs created by SQX add #include <stdlib.mqh> on the code and SQ3 didn’t. I have a couple of questions just to be sure I’m not missing any step:

    1- Is the file stdlib.mqh standard from MT4? I mean, we don’t have to download it from anywhere, right?

    2- Do we have to compile the stdlib.mqh file before compiling our strategy?

    Finally, after compiling the strategy it apprear an ‘external reference’ tab on the EA form. Apparently just for information?


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    Stdlib is a natural part of MetaTrader installation. It is included into the program standard files stdlib.mqh, stderror.mqh and WinUser32.mqh using the directive #include. It is not always necessary to use these files in the program. For example, file stderror.mqh contains the definition of standard constants used in error processing. If error processing is not provided in the program (i.e., these constants are not used), then there is no need to include this file into the source text. At the same time, it is usually necessary to include these files in a normal program.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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