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    I searched the forum and even the whole internet, i have the hardest time on earth to find peoples showing theirs good results with strategyquant.

    Strategyquant is running since at least 2012, we are in 2017 now, almost 2018.

    Can someone please show me a myfxbook portfollio made with strategyquant that have been performing well since at least 2 years?

    Why 2 years? because i have seen lot of portfollios on this forum working for few months only and then crashing.

    My personnal goal is to make at least 5% a month with strategyquant, if i can’t do that, it will be hard to make a living out of the forex.

    I already seen this

    but if this is the best performing account then i don’t wanna see the head of the average performing account.

    There is lot of forums members here, can you please show me some good porfollio that you made with strategyquant?

    If no one can show some good portfollio results, it will probably be because no one have some good porfollio results.

    I hope you don’t find me too rude, it’s just that i can’t spend a thousand dollars and not even know if i will have a return on investment.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Yes with SQ you can find good Strategies.

    But it is a hard way to find it. If you don´t have knowledge about automatic strategy generation. You can

    find all the information in this forum. Some webinars are available. All what you need is in this forum.

    But you have to work hard.

    it is not only a button in the SQ and you klick and you are rich in a short time.

    If you want to earn money in a short time with less effort, sq is not the right way for you. You have to work hard.

    You can buy webinars and learn in shorter time.

    But if you have worked hard and learned many things about forex and automatic generation of strategies. And if

    you have a good portfolio you can be happy.

    The price of the product is very cheap. Only 1500 Euro. So many work is in the strategy quant version. You get alle future updates for free. (You can look for special offers, of this product. )

    I searched in the market for similar products. But strategyquant is the best at the moment.




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    tnickel i have seen your posts all over the forum, you use strategyquant since at least july 2012 and you seems to be really studious about strategyquant. So if there is one person here that can share is success story, it must be you.

    Can you please share your success story with me please? How much % do you make each month on average? with how much relative drawdown? I have seen your screenshot, expectancy of 1.94 on each trade and you made 181 trades, it make 351.14€ won thanks to strategyquant? 351€ made in how many time?

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    Beerus, cool nickname i like DragonBall :),

    what i can say about SQ is that it is a platform to create strategies/portfolios in a much convinient way (*if you know what your doing), anyhow it is much more faster and overall better then coding them yourself and using only MT4 as your development tools,


    is it profitable?, i must say yes but it depends on your work flow with it (based on trial and error),

    i’ve been using SQ for years and i am very experienced with the platform and every little thing that it got to offer,

    there are a few products like this on the net but SQ seems to be the top #1 from my experience and point of view,


    try the trial version of it for 14 days first, join our Ryver chat group where you can chat real time with 115 members (correctly ) and active users of SQ, send me a PM with your email and ill invite you, good luck!

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    I’ll show you my month to date performance and that is it.  No one is here to prove anything.  If you want a guarantee you’ll make 5% a month from a $1400 outlay then you’re been unrealistic and a little naïve.



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    some say that money made trading is the hardest you will ever make and I can agree with them. Three steps forward, two steps back when everything goes right :-)

    If you look for steady income from trading you will really need to master the process of risk diversification. Yet I have not met a trader who has all months positive for reasonable amounts of months but there are some (see Market Wizards books series)

    Here is some sample portfolio based on strategies generated with StrategyQuant

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    Ok thanks everyone, each one of you contributed to help me a bit more to understand a little better what strategyquant is capable of.

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    Hello guys,

    I’m in the testing period too. I have found some “profitable” strategies, but they dont work very good in long terms with tick data at MT4. Still testing…

    I have the same doubt as Beerus, is there some more results that can be showed?


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    Hi All
    I am a professional trader (yes one of the rare bread, believe me or not). I already have few good EAs which I am using. I Am constantly looking for other good automated systems with proven track record to diversify my risk.

    I am thinking about buying SQX, but I am not sure if it wont be waste of money, or even worse, waste of time. I havent been able to find proof that SQ can create profitable systems that work in real live environment. Is there any such systems with proven track record in Myfxbook or similar websites?

    It wasn`t easy to get where I am know, I know how difficult it is to become pro and how rare is the success in this endeavor. That is why I also know what are the right ingredients of a profitable strategy .  I am confident that I can find profitable systems in SQ especially if it is not uncommon.
    BTW I am also open for cooperation with anybody that has something promising.

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    It works fine , This is a recent thread on this forum on the same topic with some links.


    Nelson Bolaro
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    FMZ .. if you are serious about collaboration with profitable trading systems please contact me … curdimurka at hotmail dot com

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