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    Hi  everyone,

    I am trying  to  generate strategies  using  XAU/USD
    I am not sure what is decent setting to generate  strategies for this  gold market.

    Can anyone  give me some  example of  strategies build settings for  gold ?

    Thank you in advance !

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    gold is not an easy market – specs through the brokers could be different, you need to set the data by your broker

    GOLD has very big LONG bias, so in the times of choppy or short conditions market the strats could very fast get to exceed historical drawdowns and you need to count with it

    also gold could have very big slippages when starts to move

    now when the gold is on another LONG run, the strats are doing pretty well – you can see the stats by symbol of the community demo account –


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    Thanks hankeys for you reply and sharing form this .

    your strategy with gold is pretty  well this year!

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