How to ensure smooth running of your trading robots

Running your trading portfolio live is a great thing, it is like running your own business where trading robots are working for you. But there is also responsibility for assuring, that everything will work smoothly and there will be no surprises from the broker’s side, VPS etc. Basically, you need to minimize possibility of outrage and other errors while you need to have perfect overview of your trading activities at one place.

Let me share with you an approach how I have solved this task.

I have created a service which can monitor all your trading platforms, their connection to the broker and can inform you immediately about platform or VPS downtime, disconnections from the broker, low margin levels, or a decrease in available open trades.

Simply said, if there is a problem then I immediately receive an email with detailed info which gives me time to reaction. And save me from regular checking all platforms, VPSs etc.

Another common task is to have all statistics and necessary info about markets at one place. For this purpose I use dashboard where I place all info like MyFXbook/FXblue statistic, SPY graph etc.

In no time, I can overview how my strategies are behaving comparing to the current global market development.

As I am running bigger storage of strategies where I am testing different trading approaches therefore, I created several more tools which are saving me time from repeating tasks and minimize possibility of errors during strategy deployment and backtest process.

EA Deployer: Deploying multiple trading strategies can be tedious and error-prone. Our EA Deployer tool for MetaTrader 4 and 5 simplifies this process. It allows you to deploy up to 99 strategies with just one click, eliminating the risk of manual errors and significantly reducing the time spent on strategy deployment.

Strategy Renaming Tool: Organizing and keeping track of various trading strategies can be challenging. Our renaming tool lets you systematically name your strategies, helping you maintain a clear overview of your trading portfolio. This tool is especially useful when managing multiple strategies, ensuring you can easily identify and analyze each one. Check the video EA Deployer and rename tool in action:


Automatic Backtester: Testing trading strategies is crucial, but can be time-consuming. Our automatic backtester for MetaTrader 4/5 streamlines this process. It enables you to efficiently test your strategies against historical data, giving you insights into their performance without the need to invest hours of manual effort. See AutoBacktester in action:

Because many traders are dealing with the same things, that’s why I made this service available to others. You can find it at the website Growing community around this service is also helping me with improving the service and adding new required features. I welcome you to check it and see if it can help you, as it is helpful for me.

Tomas Vanek

Tomas Vanek, founder of, is a visionary in automated trading. Driven by a passion for efficiency in finance, he created to offer robust, real-time monitoring solutions, simplifying trading strategy management for traders of all levels. His innovation is changing the landscape of algorithmic trading.

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