StrategyQuant X 137 is released!

We are happy to announce that newest StrategyQuant X Build 137 was just released.

It contains a lot of bugfixes and some important improvements, including:

  • Final Stockpicker engine – it is now ready for live trading in our new AlgoCloud platform that will be launched in September. Numerous fixes and improvements – computation of slippage, MAE/MFE, trades on chart work including the indicators, debugging using Explore.
  • Numerous fixes in new AlgoWizard editor – it was rewritten from scratch in build 136, with many additional fixes in 137. It is now faster, supports multiple open strategies, and all reported issues connected to its more advanced use (custom blocks, random groups) were fixed.
  • Fixed problems running SQX on Mac with M1 and M2 chips – instructions on how to run it on M2 added on the web.
  • Fixed reported issues in all backtest engines (Tradestation, MultiCharts, MetaTrader) – that could have caused differences in backtests between SQX and target trading platform.
  • Improvements in Data Manager – better Stock groups management, added Broker symbols.
  • Big number of bugfixes – reported by our users in the roadmap.


It is highly recommended to upgrade from the older versions. Note – there is no autoupdate from older versions, please install to a separate folder.

What we are planning next

In very short term we are concentrating on public launch of our new AlgoCloud trading platform – specifically for stockpicker and single stock strategies – which will be launched in September 2023.

Of course, we’ll continue working on StrategyQuant X as well – there are many new exciting features we’d like to add, and there are still some reported issues we have to look at.

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19. 8. 2023 3:01 am

Nice work. I downloaded a huge amount of data in the previous version. How can I migrate the data into the new application?

21. 8. 2023 12:07 pm

Fixed problems running SQX on Mac with M1 and M2 chips – instructions on how to run it on M2 added on the web.” – Where exactly?

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