Defining customizable ATR stop/trail parameters do not work

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7 years ago #111904

I am having trouble getting custom ATR Stop/trail level to work.
I want my ATR to be customizable so instead of using the predefined ATR-stop section, I chose custom.



I used the multiplication function and set this up. I set this up for Both Stop Loss and Trail Stop.


These are the parameters I defined them. As you can see they are correct.


When I test this strategy in MT4 it makes no stop loss, and no trailing stop. Nothing.


This is strange because i have almost the same Custom ATR defined for ENTRY and it works, but on STOPS it doesnt.


Did I do something wrong in my configuration or is this bugged?



Mark Fric

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7 years ago #123465



there is a small problem there and the solution is simple.


It is almost correct. In Stop Loss dialog you defined your ATR stop loss in Specific price level section.

This is incorrect, then it expects that the price reaches this level – but in your case you want to set up Stop Loss range from open price, not price level.


Just move your formula to Custom range field and it will work as you expect.



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