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    As many other fellow traders here, I am beginner of using EA Wizard, but I am learning from other strategy examples and from your advices. May I ask you help for a following idea:
    My strategy simple, kind of swing trade. Basically I use similar rules like the EMA crossover strategy in EA Wizard examples, with difference:

    – I would use a moving average to define trend. Let’â„¢s say when the price above 100 SMA it means that we are in uptrend. So, when an uptrend developed I enter long position if 20 SMA crosses above 30 SMA (or already crossed above!). I would exit when faster SMA crosses below the slower SMA, BUT, do not enter immediately to short trade like in the other strategy if we are still in uptrend (above 100SMA).

    It means not always in position, go short only is crossover happen and the trend changes also.
    (if crossover for long happened before trend change doesn’â„¢t matter, I go long when close price goes above 100SMA -confirmed uptrend). For short vica versa.

    Maybe simple simple for you, for me still challenge to crate it.

    Appreciate all your help,


    Mark Fric
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    I’m attaching sample strategy. You generally have to create extra rules for closing the orders, and add condition for trend to open trades.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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