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    im new user for s.g 

    its really amazing idea


    i read s.g helper more than ones

    1-but still i found some difficulty to understand what means of generation and population in Genetic Options

    can give me an example 


    2-when i select tick simulation is theres difference between Genetic evoluation  and random generation



    3-in Strategy options i select like the picture  but still i have stop loss less than 20 


    i want only limit sp\tp like if i choice sl\tp  1;3

    reult will be sl =30  tp=90

    sl=25 tp=75


    4-in data window 

    which better if i select all data in sample like picture

    or some data only and use validation


    5-when i select  random generation and make for example 100,000 strategy ,after that i select genetic .

    is genetic use that 100,000 that made in random

    or will make new strategy randomly

    or use both randomly and also that strategy made in random generation 


    6-last thing .what is source of data in s.g


    sorry my language not that much good.




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    Attachments in this forum are visible only for registered users.
    Mark Fric
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    1) 2) I think you should read the Users Guide first, a lot of these terms are explained there.


    3) Stop Loss should not be smaller than the minimal stop loss value

    To limit risk Reward Ratio in the way you want it please use :

    From 1:3 To 1:3


    4) it is always better to use some part of the data for Out of Sample period, otherwise you’ll end up with curve fitted strategies


    5) by default Genetic Evolution creates its own initial generation, but you can use existing strategies created by random generations too.

    First save these strategies, then go to Settings -> Genetic options, select “Use systems from Databank as initial population”

    and load your saved strategies to databank.



    the example data are from, but you can use any other data source.

    Many people use free data from Dukascopy downloaded by our TickDataDownloader

    StrategyQuant architect

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