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    I bought EA Wizard recently and am really enjoying it so far! It’s great to be able to focus on strategy development and put it in action so quickly.


    I’m working on a strategy that uses the Awesome Oscillator and the Acceleration Oscillator.


    This might be a silly question, but a google search and a forum search didn’t really help me out.


    How can I determine when a candle changes from red to green, and then from green to red? Both of those oscillators use red and green colored bars.


    If the AO > 0, and current bar is > than previous bar, then the current bar is green; else it is red.

    Conversely, if the AO is < 0, and the current bar is > (or would I use smaller as it is moving toward 0?) than the previous bar, the current bar is green; else it is red.


    I would like to do the same with the AC oscillator.


    Anyone have experience coding this in EA Wizard? There must be something I’m missing!


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!




    Mark Fric
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    this is a problem, because both Awesome and Accelerator oscillators return only indicator value, but no indication if its candle is red or green.


    This is a limitation of these indicators, not of EA Wizard.

    I checked their codes and there is a way of overcoming this by modifying the code of these indicators, but it requires a litte programming.


    You can edit the indicator code in MT4 and comment out the lines in init() function:



    This will let it export also Value 2 and Value 3, where Value 2 is not 0 if the candle is green and Value 3 is not 0 when the candle is red.

    You can then use these new values in EA Wizard.


    Just note that by modifying the standard indicator you are making new custom indicator that has to be imported to EA Wizard so that you can use its new values.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    Thanks for the quick reply, Mark. I’ve modified the indicators and imported them into EA Wizard – there are two new values available. 


    I will do some testing and post back my results.


    Thanks again!

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