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6 years ago #112780

Can someone please clarify these two issues for me. I have created 2 simple EA’s from EA Wizard just for education purposes only in order to familiarize myself with this program but im running into two issues.


#1.) When the trade executes and enters a position for the first time on my NEW EA, it immediately states “Total P/L so far: $134” and “Total profits/losses so far: 5/0” BUT my OPEN P/L for this first trade is -3.70. Why is it already telling me the above on my first trade when I know their was no Profit of $134 and 5 successful trades completed? I checked account history and nothing has been completed but this one trade im in.


#2.) When I am in my MT4 platform and I go and drag my EA to chart to activate, it doesn’t allow me to change any Stop Loss or Take Profit or Lot Numbers. What am I doing wrong when setting up my EA on EA Wizard in order to adjust these on my EA when necessary?


#3.) Does anyone know a way to get the exact EA Trades per Automated Robot when trading multiple EA’s on the same platform? I can’t seem to find out how to separate these. When looking in account history it just gives me total and not which trades the Automated EA did.


Thanks in advance.

EA Wizard is great, just trying to learn and educate myself.


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6 years ago #127292



#1) this returns total profit of trades so far, not the current open profit. There should be these 5 trades in your account history, EA recognizes them by magic number.


#2) do you mean that you don’t see parameters for SL/PT in your EA configuration? Make sure you use parameters for these values in EA Wizard. If you don’t use parameters yet then define them (make sure they are Configurable) and use these parameters in Enter at Market/Stop/Limit commands instead of writing fixed values there.

EA will allow you to modify all the parameters you created when attaching it to the chart.


#3) you can use custom comment for each of your EA and then recognize trades by their comments in account history. You’ll have to set it to display comments in MT4 – just click with right button in accounts history and check Comments.

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