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    I have been using EA Wizard for some time now. I have just recently started working with StrategyQuant. Could someone please let me know how to import either the EA or text strategy into StrategyQuant so I can test and modify with the tools on Monte Carlo?


    I cannot seem to figure out how to get this done.

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    Short answer is you can’t.


    EA Wizard is for manually designing and creating EA’s and backtesting them in MetaTrader.


    StrategyQuant is for using genetic algorithms and random numbers to generate huge numbers of strategies automatically, and backtest them within SQ.


    They serve a different purpose and are by their nature not compatible. 

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    Is their a way I can create the same rules and strategy manually in StrategyQuant?



      Mikey I have been having an extremely hard time getting my EA’s to only trade 1 trade per candle. I have written numerous times and get a basic reply but nothing that helps me. I have wasted hours upon hours trying to figure this out and its franctly got me stressed out b/c I had to stop all my EA’s from running but can’t get any answers, is there a phone number I can call, I would pay just to be able to solve this problem.

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    I’m not familiar with the details of EA Wizard, I don’t own it and haven’t used it.  I only know and use SQ, which isn’t designed for manually creating strategies.  It’s there to find possible strategies for you, rather than testing ones you think might already work. 


    Sorry, maybe someone else or Mark has the answers?



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    You can manually create strategies in Strategy Quant.  It is limited in what it can do, but it is possible.  When you open Strategy Quant, look at the top and click button “Create Strategy.”


    Simple strategies you can create manually in SQ and then do the testing you want.  More complex strategies, you are not able to do it.  But if you do own Strategy Quant Pro, then download EA Analyzer Pro and use the Strategy Quant Pro license in it.  Then you can do Monte Carlo and What if Analysis on the strategies you created in EA Wizard.


    As for only trading one per candle in EA Wizard, what you want to do is go to Strategy Control.  Then you will see options available to you that can help you.  So for example, you could add a rule that says “If Order Opened This Bar is False” to your strategy.  Then, your rule will not trigger unless no order has been opened on the same bar.  If you want more separation, then you could use the rule “Bars Since Order Opened” and say it must be at least 5 bars before another order is opened.  Try that.


    Now you can give me the money :D   lol.



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    Could you elaborate a little more with the “Bars Since Order Opened”.. I have attached the strategy mark gave me but its not trading, and that is what is so frustrating. Could you please edit it to what you are saying? It would be appreciated. 

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