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    Hello, Mark,


    the function “SetExitOnClose” in EL is too weak.


    As we all know, futures markets are not very continuous.


    A futures contracts in Zhengzhou commodity exchange ,the first trading  section is 21:00- 23:30, and then second section is 9:00-15:00 next day.  Settlement is at 15:00. Then the exchange starts new day trading at 21:00  that night(GMT+8).


    I just want the intraday trading exit about between 14:55-15:00.


    But setexitonclose in MC would let trading close at 23:30 and close at 1530.


    Would you please give us more freedom in Trading logic setting?


    Such as, exit time > =14:55  and exit time <15:00 ? and the trading would exit at 14:55 everyday. and would not affect the subsequent transaction.(21:00-23:30).


    Moreover, “setexitonclose” in living trading would not close the trading. We need another way to control the intraday trading.


    I sincerely hope you would give me some help about this, Thank you!

    Mark Fric
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    These are quite unusual trading times, but I’ll try to make it more flexible in the new version.

    StrategyQuant architect

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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