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    Is it possible to create new equity control functions in a moving average not depending on the equity value but on?:


    1. Profit factor: not trade if PF is below “x” value based on the calculation of last “n” trades.
    2. % of profit trades: not trade if the last “x” trades are below “x” percentage.
    3. Expected payoff: not trade if the expected payoff of the last “x” trades is below “x” ammount.
    4. Fixed drawdown: not trade if the equity drops “x” ammount of the initial balance.

    If so I can manage to activate or deactivate my EA’s in my portfolio by just analyzing the trades in excel. My target is not to increase the profit but to reduce my drawdown.




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    yes, you can do that by adding functions using QuantEditor and basic Java skills. See screenshot as there is built-in equity control function (using MA) shown that can be modified and added as a new one

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    Is there any way that someone create what I need and pay for it? I dont know nothing about Java but I have clear Ideas to make some good equity control methods.

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