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I am attempting to use a custom indicator that includes (rsi price line and trend line parameters) in the add condition properties dialog box. I want to get the EA to enter the market when the rsi line crosses the trend line. However I have no idea about how to go about this. The example in the tutorial video with the EMA cross shows only one parameter in the dialog box, so you could easily put 10 in parameter box, (crosses below in the middle box) and 20 in the dialog box in the end.


Is it because the EMA’s are on the chart itself in MT4, because the indicator I want to use is not displayed on the main chart in MT4 but rather opens the separate window below like MACD or CCI indicators. Please help.  


Mark Fric

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when you have indicator that has multiple output values (draws multiple lines) you can specify the Output Value in EA Wizard.

You need to know which value represents which line, you can find this out by comparing the line with the values in Data Window value in MT4.


I’m posting a simple example of MACD Signal/Main line cross strategy.

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