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9 years ago #111223

Hi all,


I’m a little unsure how to use these features: Move Stop Loss To Break Even…Break Even Add Pips…Trail stop… TS Activation Level…Exit After Bars…


Also some of these are self explanatory… does anyone have a compreshensive method of using just some or all of these features?


I tried experimenting with the setttings but its hard for me to work out if they are doing what they are supposed to be doing…


So I was wondering what would the proceedure be to test each of these to see they actually work, I’ve tried quite a few combinations but I dont seem to be getting the desired results…


Does anyone have some real life examples to share that use any or all of these?


Thanks in advance 🙂



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9 years ago #121764

Im not getting the results i need with these settings, Mark, can you please do some videos, they only take 10 minutes to do..


I wonder if we can have a thread: Video Tut Wishlist


for the practical stuff, then you’ll know what we need. 🙂




Mark Fric

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9 years ago #121831



Move Stop Loss to Break Even – this setting means that the EA will move SL to the entry price when strategy is given number of pips in profit

Break Even Add Pips – this means that when the SL should be moved to entry price, it is moved Break Even Add Pips higher, to protectsome small profit.


So for example, if you have:

Move Stop Loss to Break Even = 20

Break Even Add Pips = 5


when the trade is 20 pips in profit, it will move SL to entry price + 5 pips.


Trailing Stop – is a classic trailing stop that trails SL X pips from the current market price. It is normally first activated when the trade is in profit


TS Activation Level – you can set when the trailing stop should be activated.


For example if you have:

Trailing Stop = 50 

TS Activation Level = 20


the EA will wait until the trade is at least 20 pips in profit, and then starts trailing SL 50 pips below current market price.

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