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    The Situation:

    • I have a custom project that keeps crashing at a particular task.
    • This task  runs a multi-market cross check on Databank A, and populates Databank B (based on my criteria)
    • Databank A has 4000 strategies

    The problem:

    • The task crashes after retesting about 2000 strategies (with 600 strategies passing passing the filter to Databank B).
    • Everytime this crashes and I restart SQX, i see the 600 strategies in Databank B
    • Unfortunately, I need to restart the task AGAIN, to test all 4000 strategies again.
      • (Even though 600 already passed)

    My Question(s)

    • Is there some way to delete strategies from the original databank that failed?
    • Or there some way to retest ONLY the strategies that were not retested?
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    “delete failed strategies from databank” in ranking tab?

    or dont use 4000 strats, try it with 1000 only and 4x repeat

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    Yeah I ended up breaking this up into 4 different passes.

    There was an issue with the 3,545th strategy that causing it to crash.

    Ideally there should be a way to filter strategies from one databank based on another databank. Maybe in a future version.

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    As for the crashing, we would like to investigate what causes taht. Could you please add more details into our roadmap?

    Please also attach the project with config and a log from the day it crashed. It can be found in the StrategyQuantX/user/log/StrategyQuantX folder

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    Hi Thomas,


    I added the log file.

    I added gave a little detail in the ticket, but unfortunately I no longer have the SQX or config files.

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