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    Does anyone have the same issue where Windows 10 likes to apply updates and reboot every few days. In doing so I lose the work in QA4 where it was finding portfolios over a long period of time.

    Anyone know how to make QuantAnalyzer save it’s progress every hour or something or stop all non user reboots?



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    you can try to do following

    1. Run > services.msc
    2. Find Windows update and double click
    3. In the General Tab > Stop the service
    4. Also in General Tab > Startup Type > Set to Disabled
    5. In the Recovery Tab > First Failure > Set to Take no action

    If you ever need to update Windows, just reverse the above, run the updates manually, and then disable again when done.

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    Cool thanks.


    Actually I’ve just noticed you can paused updates for up to 35 days, which I’ve done using the advanced options on the Windows Update settings.




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    Tried many workarounds like this. Soon or late MS wins. I gave up on this pain. Vote for Linux


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    I am using this small but powerfull program:

    just check “always run as administrator” and on second tab click on “Disable automatic update”. And thats it.

    BUT – with this setting you will avoid installing updates and restarting computer during trading. However I strongly recommend to enable updates back via button “Automatic update (default)” at least once per month . You can install updates during weekend manually, restart computer and disable them again.

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    we are stating very obvious things here, Windows 10 desktop editions, Home or Pro are simply not designed for 24/24 use. Thats why they have all sorts of features like Microsoft Store or media players….etc. For very stable and 24/24 usage, there is Windows Server.

    I am aware of the license issue, fact that if someone has a laptop or even a desktop with a BIOS encoded serial, it doesnt make sense or is not efficient to install another version of windows but the conclusion is that only a sever type of operating system will be stable enough for trading and SQ generating.

    Modifying and tuning a Windows 10 desktop to a server like usage is only a half measure

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