difference in the results in sq and Multicharts

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6 days ago #280055


I just installed the trail veries StrategyQuant I have a few questions:

Is it possible to build systems for Multicharts with data1 and data2 etc ?

I often use the vix on data2


I followed option 1 but still got a big difference in the results in sq and mc are there any more examples of how to do it?



Manfred Golebiewski

Option 1 – Import the exact data from the chart

This is most reliable way – export the data directly from your chart in TS / MC and import them into SQ.

In Multicharts – use File -> Export Data
In Tradestation – open Data Window and use Save functionality there.

This way you can be sure you are testing it on the same data with your actual sessions and other configuration.

So for example, when you test your strategy in TS/MC for example on 15 min chart with some session then export this exact 15 min chart data with the session applied from the trading platform and import it to SQ.

Important – if you use this way you HAVE TO set Session = No Session in Trading options. It is because the data already include the session, otherwise SQ will try to apply the session again and the result will be incorrect data!




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5 days ago #280092


yes, you can build multi-timeframe strategies to reference Data2. You can send us the SQX file for a strategy you experience differences into our [email protected] email, we could check why you get so much different results


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