Format of .dat files?

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Damir Ambrus

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1 year ago #256173

QuantDataManager appears to store downloaded tick data in QuantDataManager/user/data/History/{instrument} folders in .dat files.

I was wondering if format of those .dat files is documented/available somewhere (how exactly are time & price encoded, is some sort of compression used)?

I’m using my own code for strategy building & backtesting (c# and python) and it would be great if we could access this data directly, programmatically (required knowledge to code such file access is assumed). We can of course always export data into CSV format but it would be so much more practical and efficient if we could read .dat files directly.



Mark Fric

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1 year ago #256186

Hello Damir,

it is quite complex format, with optimizations/compression, and we might modify and improve it in the future, so we don’t want to publish its format.

StrategyQuant architect


estittyLiek estittyLiek

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1 year ago #259386

I also think that in case someone wants to use fallout graphics – or any other fallout file – he could extract them and use them as-is instead of using the whole .dat


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