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1 year ago #259566

Hi all


Has anyone signed up to the futures pack extension?


Im curious to extend the markets i use for algo trading. i use pepperstone and expecting if i sign up to it to be able to build strategies to use on markets such as uk100, us500  or us 30, eustx50 then also commodities like copper, wheat, sugar etc.


does the pack give guidance on recommended build and robustness testing settings?







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1 year ago #259577

futures are futures and CFDs are CFDs, differenet datafeeds

so if you buy some futures data, you will need to trade them as futures….and so…big capital needed and you will end mostly with one strategy per market and timeframe

You want to be a profitable algotrader? We started using StrateQuant software in early 2016. For now we have a very big knowhow for building EAs for every possible types of markets. We share this knowhow, apps, tools and also all final strategies with real traders. If you want to join us, fill in the FORM. 1500+ final SQX strategies for members running on demo accounts to verify the edge DEMO ACCS. We provide also strategies for indices - DAX, DOW JONES, NASDAQ, SP, UK, because we have realtick data from our brokers.



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1 year ago #259596


yes, we give an ebook to learn building strategies for futures which you get with SQ Futures data purchase. You will also get some bonus strategy for futures.

In short there are some benefits to futures trading compared to CFD

  • transparent marketplace – trading on centralized regulated exchanges – one market for every participant (so the data)
  • tight bid/ask spreads … most futures have spread about 1 tick – low cost of trading
  • commissions are paid round-turn
  • you can trade micro-index futures or micro-forex with a small account … starting with few hundred USD

I have been trading futures for some years now so you can let me know if a need be to [email protected]

Also please check the ebook preview attached with table of content

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