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    I have got some detailed questions regarding SQX and QA money management

    is here a willing body to help me out?

    ready to pay for your effort

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    You could try Ali over at Statoasis. He has free and paid for StrategyQuant classes and tutorials.

    He also has a very good YouTube channel with some very good beginners videos on StrategyQuant and Algo Wizard.

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    i think we have to make a difference between training/advice on SQ as a software and trading in general

    in trading, you can find good traders who would be interested in such a proposal

    But in SQ, using and make the most of the software, in my opinion, those who make the software should be on top of the list. In other words, only those who officially work and develop the software are appropriate, for several reasons, most important being they know in detail in inner workings of the software.

    Only if for several reasons, none of the SQ team members are not available for either free or paid training, you can turn to individuals outside

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