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    New to building strategies for stocks.   For those of you who use SQ for stocks what are you doing with the spread setting and slippage setting?    I understand it terms of forex.

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    general rules for the spread and slippage are that it depends on the average daily volume trade in the stock. For major stock titles like AAPL or MSFT you do not need to worry about the spread. Most of the time it will be 1 tick – 0.01. For less liquid stocks it will be fluctuating between 1 – 5 ticks I think while the slippage can vary a lot depending current market volatility. If you strategy can handle 3 – 5 ticks slippage without failing completely you should be fine

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    basic question must be – on what platform you want to trade and what data you are using?

    and second one – you know what stock market means – that you will be facing everyday gap problems?

    classic strategies from SQX is by my opinion nonsense – there need to be done some “basket” trading of choosen stocks from the whole stock index (like SP, etc.) by some algorithm or strategy with survivorship bias, etc.. Trading stocks and make strats for every stock independently doesnt make sense

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