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    An easy way to diversificate a portfolio of 100 strategies could be this one:

    Apply a filter in the correlation tab to delete one of the strategies with more than x correlation as showed into te picture attached.

    Portfolio Master is the best solution for a low number of strategies, but if you have a portfolio of 100 strategies or more it’s not usefull.

    An other option could be to create a “Weighted Porfolio”. A button next to “Create Portfolio” could be “Create weighted portoflio”.

    When you click, it get the highest net profit and calculate a multiplier for each of the other strategies in order to normalize the net profit and then create the portolio.

    For example if I have a strategies that profit 10k and a strategy that profit 1k, the portfolio result will be very next to the equity of the first strategy. So it’s not possible to evaluete how the 2 strategies works togheter.

    But if I multiply 10 times the second strategy before creating the portfolio I will have a “weighted portfolio” with the real result.


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    Sounds like a great idea..Good thinking

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