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    The specified interval of S/L and T/P does not work in the robot and is not observed in the List of Trade. Also, in Source Code I have this:

    extern string smmslpt = “———– Min/Max SL/PT ———–“;
    extern int MinimumSL = 0;   //Minimum SL in pips
    extern int MinimumPT = 0;   //Minimum PT in pips
    extern int MaximumSL = 0;   //Maximum SL in pips
    extern int MaximumPT = 0;   //Maximum PT in pips

    Please help me and guide me what is my mistake?



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    this working, but you must understand why – if you have only fixedpips in your strategies, you can have zeros in trading options, because fixed pips will always be only a fixedpips nothing more

    but if your SL or TP are defined by ATR or indicator your SL and TP values in pips will be always different and if you want to hold them in some “normal” ranges we are using those min/max values in trading options

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    4 Posts

    Thanks a lot


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