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    First of all: Thanks for this awesome free tool!

    I got a headache here, because I need the csv files in reversed order. It would save a lot of time and space on my harddisk if I was able to export it in reversed order.

    Oh and if you dig into your code – please don’t create a second identical file when exporting to UTC.

    One more nice to have: Don’t save individual hours as the files created are much smaller than a standard NTFS block of 4kb. This way, more drive space is wasted than used. Rather save complete days.

    You are a strong competitor for Birt’s Tickdata suite which is just too expensive. I’d be happy to pay a small price to get this additional functionality that I mentioned above.

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    Thanks for the ideas. We are now focusing on StrategyQuant 4. One of of the features will be a built-in tick downloader so this gets priority. Still we might release some update for TickDownloader in future

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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