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    I have a set of EAs in multiple timeframes and currency pairs that looks great during certain trading hours, when I set specific hours to open trades in Algowizard.

    When I run the same backtest over several years using metatrader data which appears to be GMT+2 (i.e. at 11:50am time on the chart now GMT is still 9:50am) it gives totally different results.

    What time is AlgoWizard trading hours based on compared with GMT so I can adjust it in the EA correctly to get the right results?

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    AlgoWizard uses GMT zone by default. Note there is also GMT+2 data available in AlgoWizard …

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    Thanks, the EA’s best hours in GMT is hours 20 to 24.

    The code for GMT+2 hours of 22 to 02 doesn’t work. Could you please fix the code so that it will work correctly with the required timeframes for the EA.

    A helpful option would be to allow 2 time periods of trading, rather than just 1, as this would fix that issue.

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