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    (( Can someone please link me to the tutorial that covers this topic? That should give me what i need ))

    After I build my strategy in SQX using fixed lots, i want to test it in MT4 with dynamic lot sizing.

    In order to do this, i understand that i should make that selection when I generate the code (see attached)

    However, when i then open the EA in MT4 and modify the percentage, i don’t see a change in the lot sizes.

    Any ideas why?

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    about what dynamic lot sizing you are talking?

    the bet way is to retest your strategies in SQX using the MM you want and export the MQL code with that change, you dont need to modify anything

    to retest strategies with different settings you can use “automatic retest” task in custom projects, where you can also can change the used MM

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    Thanks for that information.

    I will try the automatic retest for a final step of a custom project workflow.

    Do you know if there’s a video / tutorial on exporting with changes to the code?

    specifically, what is the expected effect of changing this option before you use the generated code?

    (see attached picture)

    Code export options

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    I have tried setting the money management to use % of balance, but i get the same results as if I had picked lot size of 0.1

    This is from within SQX, *and* when exported as MQL.

    Is there some caveat to using this setting that I need to be aware of?


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    Problem solved.

    I was actually trying to risk % of equity (not balance (bad idea), and it turns out that the way to do this is “% of account”.

    I changed to this and it’s now sizing lots dynamically.

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