The most frequent questions

Questions about trading robots and profitability


What exactly does StrategyQuant do?

StrategyQuant is a unique piece of software that searches for, backtests and optimizes strategies automatically and does not require programming skills. The final strategy can be easily saved in formats for MetaTrader, TradeStation, or NinjaTrader.

What is the difference between the genetic algorithm in StrategyQuant and MetaTrader 4?

These are two completely different things. The one in MetaTrader 4 is only meant for faster optimization of parameters. The one in StrategyQuant allows to find automatically new unique strategies (including those that you wouldn't normally even think of).

How should I use StrategyQuant wiht MetaTrader, TradeStation, NinjaTrader?

All three trading platofrms are supported, StrategyQuant is able to generate and save strategies in formats for MetaTrader, NinjaTrader and Tradestation/MultiCharts. You can use data from us or from any other source. You can also save only the fundamentals of the strategy and trade it manually using any platform. For NinjaTrader you can use Free End of Day data from Kinetick.

How much can I earn with the strategies?

Profit that you can get is practically unlimited. If you learn the fundamentals of strategy building (with which we will help you) and you will be responsible in building and testing, your profit can be very interesting. StrategyQuant is used by traders who trade with millions of US dollars. However, it is only up to you, how responsibly you build and test your strategies.

Do I need to have experience with trading and trading robots?

It is not necessary. You will get an e-book about building strategies and one free Skype consultation with an experienced trader. Many newcomers have mastered StrategyQuant. It is important only to be interested and to have the will to learn it. Which you do for sure since you are still reading 🙂

If I buy the software, will you help me learn how to use it?

Of course. You will get an e-book with detailed description of the strategy development. Not just a manual, but valuable know-how. You also get a consultation via Skype in which we will explain everything to you. You can also use the discussion forum to communicate with other traders. You don’t have to be afraid, you are not going to be left alone. We will take care of you.

Where can I find data for backtesting?

With the help of our Tick Downloader tool you can download high quality tick data for dozens of markets with history back to 2003 for free.
In NinjaTrader, the Kinetick datafeed offers significant amounts of unfiltered historical tick data for Futures, Forex and Equities.

Is the code of a strategy locked?

The source codes are not locked. The complete source code is therefore at your disposal and you can modify it however you want.

Can I use StrategyQuant commercially?

Yes, you can. If you have the full version of StrategyQuant the strategies that you build are your property so you can use them however you want, even sell them or rent them. There are even funds that operate with tens of milions of US dollars: and they use StrategyQuant.

I miss my favorite indicator, is it possible to add it?

We are still adding indicators. Therefore, if there is one that you miss, contact us and we will consider adding it.

Why do backtests in MetaTrader 4 and StrategyQuant differ?

In MetaTrader 4 it is not so easy to perform a backtest as it may seem and therefore the strategies sometimes differ. The biggest problem with MetaTrader 4 is data which may not be of good quality and therefore the test does not correspond. The backtester in StrategyQuant is calibrated to verified results on tick data and our real trades, which makes it perfectly reliable.

How can I find out that strategies are going to be profitable even in real trading?

This is what the robustness tests are for. StrategyQuant includes many tools for robustness testing that allow you to find out how your strategy is vulnerable to different changes. With your software you are getting an e-book where the testing is thoroughly explained and a free consultation where we will also explain everything that you need to know.