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Buold 139

Released April 2024 (v. 139)

  • Build 139 is mainly a bugfix build fixing reported errors

    • Replaced the embedded JCEF browser with Electron
    • Added Benchmark to EquityChart for comparing strategy performance. Learn more
    • Added new comparison block – Is Greater/Is Lower Percentile Rank Comparison
    • Added new MonteCarlo.Retest method – Randomize strategy parameters Customizable
    • Fixes and improvements in AlgoWizard editor
    • Fixes in Tradestation/MultiCharts engine
    • Number of smaller bugfixes – as reported on the roadmap.
    • Added feature to import existing data from another instance of QuantDataManager or StrategyQuant application.
    • Improved Portfolio Master, possibility to set IS/OOS for correlation/fitness calculation.