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    Hello. I would really like the EA wizard to support Renko Bricks. How difficult would it be to add them? I have seen interesting strategies that use Renko Bricks and I want to build them.


    A very short example of how I imagine using them is: if two red bricks in a row occur go short…

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    I’ve been using EA Wizard on Renko bricks. It has been working very nicely. 


    IF Open[1] < Close[1]

    and Open[2] < Close[2]

    and Open[3] < Close[3]



    I’m very new to this and it has been pretty easy to hack through it. Hope this helps. You can also search in the forum for Renko bars. That’s where I started. 


    Happy New Year!

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    thank you ssdex, i did find some info in other topics.


    i understand in order to create an ea for renko charts i would have to do the following:


    *find an existing EA that generates M2 renko carts in offline mode

    *create an EA with the wizard and I am going to use normally the price points: Open High Low Close which are being used for candelsticks, and they are going to work on the renko bar as well

    *i will create the Renko chart with the first EA-renko chart generator

    *i will place the created EA that is intended to be used on Renko charts on the M2-offline-renko chart


    is that about it?

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    That is what I’ve done so far and the EA has performed perfectly. In the forum they recommend the AZ-Invest Renko Bricks. I have their Median Bar but not the Renko Bricks. I have another Renko Bar plugin and it works very well. So, not sure about the compatibility of other Renko Bricks.


    Good luck on your ventures.



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