Advanced MM Settings – Risk% multiplied by first trade size?

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6 years ago #113064

Hi there,


I really love EA wizard. I’m able to create some great strategies.


However, there’s one adjustment I’d like to see which I’m hoping can be made. That is more advanced money management, which can be specified as a formula.


For example, I have a semi-martingale system which requires trade 2 to be placed while trade 1 is in place. then trade 3 has to be placed while trade 2 and 1 are active, and so on.


I would like to specify lots to be 0.1% of account on position 1, position 2 is 2.4 x position 1, and trade 3 is 3.3 x position 1, etc. Therefore, trade 1 is 0.1%. Trade two is 2.4 (multiplied by) trade size 1. Trade 3 is 3.3 (multiplied by) trade 1 and so on.


There doesn’t seem to be any way to program this currently with EA wizard. Please could I request this feature for the next update?


Much appreciated,



Mark Fric

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6 years ago #128316

it is not possible to do this using build-in money management functionality, but you can do these computations by yourself using variables.


EA Wizard has all the mathematical functions and variables you need to make your own custom money management formula.

Just compute the required size from your % risk using account equity and put it into variable, then use this variable as a quantity parameter in Enter at Market call.


You can compute it any way you want, you can also check if there are more trades open.


There is one or two martingale examples here on the forum, for example here:

StrategyQuant architect


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