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    My EA creates pending orders on the 1 hour chart which is valid for several hours, waiting for it to trigger.


    However, during volatile market conditions when price is close to the pending order price several orders are opened, sometimes one every minute which is mad.


    I want to limit the number of orders opened per symbol per day to 4 trades maximum.


    But there doesn’t seem to be a way of doing this.


    Is there some way around this problem?


    Order opened this bar or order opened this hour is not really flexible enough for what I am wanting, I simply want a maximum of 4 trades from each pending order created (using stop order valid for 10 bars).



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    hello may u use “order opend today”  or set a variable like ” orders open” from 0 up to 4. and then check them at the open like : if ( all the other stuff  )is true AND “orders open” <= 4 THEN set pendingorder 


    thats the way i would do :D hope u can understand … 


    good luck 


    EDIT : may u use if bar is open. THEN every hour only one pending get set.

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    Thanks for the response, Orders Open Today doesn’t allow you to select a symbol or magic number so it would calculate using every chart that was open rather than the chart of a specific symbol.


    A crude way I am testing out at the moment is to use “Sum of Closed P/L” in pips. And inputting an approximate expected number of pip losses. This is not ideal but may suffice my needs for the moment.


    Lets see if anyone comes up with a better idea. I would think a number of trades option would be easy to include in to the software.

    Mark Fric
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    thanks for suggestion, you are right, it is not difficult to add it there. We’ll add it to the new version.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    Thanks Mark, I look forward to it.

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