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    Hi Mark
    I wonder what do you think about the possibility of extending SQ to binary options.
    Currently some binary options brokers allow operation from the MT4, and I think, it opens up a new world of possibilities to SQ in the growing world of binary options
    I in my ignorance I imagine this very simple, I think, the only thing needed to put SQ are some time restrictions on the parameters of creation strategies. such as, Exit on Fryday; Add eg. Exit On sec 60 , Exit On 120 Sec, Exit On 300 sec  , Exit On 15 min, Etc.
    Even adapt other little things, because operation of the options is enormously simpler than Forex, for example, is not necessary to count pips, we just want to know if the price increased or decreased compared to the price of entry.
    Many people know that I use SQ, and they are asking me about this possibility with interest, therefore I move the question to you.
    Best regards


    Mark Fric
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    yes, it is something we’d like to add to the new SQ4

    StrategyQuant architect

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