How genetic evolution works in SQ?

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6 years ago #113565

Hello everybody


I have to say that I am quite confused about the process of genetic evolution in SQ. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.


I know that genetic evolution uses mutation and crossover for developing new strategies from best strategies. But, I don’t see any mutation or crossover in new strategies (look at the pictures below). The results are the same without any changes! I don’t know why? I’m using mutation probabilty of 10 % and crossover probability of 90 %. I attach my current setting.



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6 years ago #129765

it can sometimes happen that evolution comes to a dead end – it chooses one strategy that by luck or because it is that much better than the others replaces all the others in the population.


Or also it could be the case that the strategy rules are different, but the differences are not active and the strategy trades in the same way.


The only thing to do is to restart the evolution.

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6 years ago #129766

Just use the “Restart if fitness of…..” option and evolution will restart if fitness stagnates. That´s such a great option! You never get stuck in dead ends for to long.


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