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    How would I go about doing the following to create an indicator, for instance:


    If I wanted to look back from the current open bar, if 3, or 4, or 5 bars back are of the same kind, ie, BULL or BEAR bars, then to create an alert pop up box (with custom message of price, the pair and the time frame in the pop up alert box) when the current bar closes is the opposite type of bar, then alert me when the new bar after the current bar closes, is of the opposite bar again (same type as the previous, 3, 4, or 5 bars) and produce a up or down arrow when all the rules are true?


    another example.


    Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear, Bull (current bar), Bear (new bar after current bar), then alert on new bar, and if the last bar in the sequence is a BULL or a BEAR to show the appropriate up or down arrow?


    Also, how would I go about having an Input Tab, that would allow me to enter a value of a bar’s body length on each of them – so I can filter out doji’s, and candles with small bodies…

    so the input tab could be like this that would represent the bars before the current bar… and If I enter 0 in the bar, it would ignore that bar and only concentrate on the bars that have a value of more than 1 in it.


    PreviousBar 1 body =

    PreviousBar 2 body =

    PreviousBar 3 body =

    PreviousBar 4 body =

    PreviousBar 5 body =

    BarOpposite 1 =

    PreviousBar 6 body =


    Thanks in advance :)



    Mark Fric
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    You can specify it like this:


    IF     Open(7) < Close(7)

    and  Open(6) < Close(6)

    and  Open(5) < Close(5)

    and  Open(4) < Close(4)

    and  Open(3) < Close(3)

    and  Open(2) > Close(2)     <- opposite bar

    and  Open(1) < Close(1)     <- changed direction again


    Draw Up Arrow

    …Custom action, etc.

    But it is not that easy to make it configurable – configure how many consecutive bars to count, how big should their sizes be, etc.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    K, but how do i do it?


    Your doc’s don’t show this type of stuff. Even after 2+ years mate :( and I’m still as clueless as the day I bought it.


    I know this is a project for you, but even still bud… you got a good thing going on here, its a shame you’re spending time on stuff that really isn’t that important – like redoing the website, than updating the docs so people can understand how to fully use your highly potential use of software.


    Seems to be a waste if you’re not going to spend half the time on the docs, and its only going to take you 5-10 mins a day to do one video… you could of done 700+ videos in those two years with examples and how to’s. 



    22 Posts

    5 days no reply?



    bro, you may as well close this site down, 98% of the user base cant use your software… why do a project if you’re not going to do a proper documentation, and more to the question, why even sell it, if you’re not going to do proper documentation.


    1 video a day, thats all it takes, in the 2 years, thats over 700 videos you could of done for 20 mins a day of work… not much to ask for now is it?


    please get your priorities straight, i want to learn how to use the software, or my money is just being wasted.

    Mark Fric
    1182 Posts

    EA Wizard is supposed to be a simple and intuitive tool, without the need for documentation at all.


    You just simply build up your rules as simple conditions + actions, that’s all.


    I thought I explained how to do what you intended to do with an example, and you still say you don’t know how to do it.

    There already are video tutorials that help you understand how the program works.

    I doubt anybody would watch 700 videos, and it is not possible to make video about every specific thing you want to make.


    This is no complicated programming, you just use simple conditions.

    You only have to find out how to combine the conditions to do what you want.

    StrategyQuant architect

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