Can you import existing code?

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9 years ago #110817

Is it possible to import existing code into Strategy Quant?
I have a lot of code I am working to program that took a long time to gather together. Can this code be imported or conversely how hard would it be to work with Strategy Quant to merge new code into the existing code?


Mark Fric

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9 years ago #120701


this is a question about EA Wizard, so I moved it here.

It is not possible to import existing code to EA Wizard, the program cannot recognize MQL programming language.

There are two options:
– either use some parts of the old code as custom indicators that will provide trading signals that can be then use in EA Wizard

– recreate whole strategy in EA Wizard. This doesn’t need to be that difficult, and you’ll have the advantage that once you create your strategy in EA Wizard
you can easily edit it, and later when we’ll add support for MetaTrader5 you’ll be able to export your code to MT5 without any additional work.

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StrategyQuant architect



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6 years ago #134260

Have ya’ll found a way to import a strategy created in Strategy Quant to EA Wizard for editing reasons. I came across a strategy I want to further edit especially trading times but if I can’t import it into EA Wizard then how do I go about editing it?


Also its hard for me to re create same strategy in EA Wizard because I don’t know how to read the code and cannot re create it, so at times I am stuck with a strategy that I cannot do anything with. How should I do it?



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6 years ago #134267

Ryan, currently not possible to import strategy from Strategyquant to Wizard but in SQ4 it should be possible to edit it. At the moment if you attach strategy or send me to [email protected] and I could transfer it to Wizard


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