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    Although it’s uncommon to find strategies that will realistically have 0% DD, during a build the Ret/DD Ratio returns 0.00 when the Max DD is also 0%, so when my ranking options is set to dismiss Ret/DD of a certain value, these strategies are wrongfully dismissed.




    Ranking Options set to dismiss strategies with a Ret/DD Ratio of 1.0


    Generated strategy has 0% Max DD because all trades were winners, and has generated a return $1,000.


    But the Return/DD Ratio is 0, so this strategy is not added to the databank, when of course I would like it to be so I can evaluate it further.


    Please can this be fixed as it’s obviously dismissing strategies that could have potential.

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    I will test this. In case of error or bug we would release a fix

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    Thanks Tomas.


    Strange, because I just found a strategy in the databank (for a different pair) that did actually have a 0 Ret/DD Ratio…


    So not sure what happened before, but I don’t believe it was an additional filter dismissing the strategy, although perhaps I was just mistaken. Thanks for checking though!



    EDIT: Sorry, I’m confusing matters! The strategy in the databank that ended up having a zero Ret/DD Ratio (due to a 100% win rate), appeared after a retest…not from an initial build – so it probably still is an issue during the build phase.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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