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5 years ago #114428

I’ve just bought EA Wizard & I’m looking forward to using it. However, I do have one concern about licencing.


I often visit my parents for several days at as time with them being in there later years. I use my laptop when I visit them. When I’m at home I prefer to use my PC as it has more capabilities, several screens etc etc.


Your licence arrangements retrict my use of EA Wizard. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could constantly switch the licence between the PC & laptop but I see you have restrictions on the number of times you can do this.


The optimal solution would be to give somebody two licences with a purchase so they can use one on say a home computer & one at a Work computer or in my case a home & an away computer.


Another option would be to restrict the number of changes to different computers rather than to the number of  changes them selves.


A final suggestion I have is to just remove the restriction on the number of changes



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5 years ago #134006

With each license bought you can also get one additional license for free so send me a request to and I will create and additional license for you.


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