Excluding Overlapping Trades – Help Please

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5 years ago #114585

Hi Team,


I would like to understand what exactly “Exclude Overlapping Trades” does in What If


I have a basket of EA’s with a number of currency pairs


When a signal is triggered in any pair it takes many simultaneous trades


If I tick the above if another pair is triggered to trade at the “same time” whilst the first lot of positions are still open will it ignore these?


-Does it exclude overlapping trades at the TIME the trades are initiated/opened OR does it simply prevent more than one curreny pair trading at ANY point in time?







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5 years ago #134659

Hello tassa1975,
“Exclude Overlapping Trades” 
it removes trades which opened before previous trade closed.
Please see the snippet in QuantEditor.
It is very simple and straightforward.
Best regards,


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